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08-Dec-2017 13:26

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The producer doing the pre-interview loved him and said there was no way the girls weren’t going to choose him, despite his on-camera terminology of disliking girls with “bitch faces.” An on-screen conversation that went something like this: After that rather lovely exchange, he was then filmed walking into the house and sitting down to meet “the 3 girls”; Rachel, April and Libby. He expected them to be cuter, but nonetheless, the conversations began. After that, he was taken back to the hotel and told he was free to leave.At the end of it, the girls of ‘3’ decided if they thought Jo E was going to be the man they fall in love with. He immediately booked his flight to Toronto to meet his team for their hockey tournament that night.On Watch Campus is a mobile app designed to help keep students on college campuses safe by giving them the tools to plan and inform the people they trust when they need help.

On set, Jo E was taken for a pre-interview before meeting the girls.

The site offers fact sheets, information, and resources about teen dating abuse to help teens, their parents and friends understand more about this growing problem.