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My own preference, for its combination of simplicity, power, and performance, is XOM.And of course, there are other styles of processing: low-level parser interfaces (SAX and St AX), data-object binding interfaces (JAXB), and high-level declarative languages (XSLT, XQuery, XPath). here is a 2013 paper that analyzes all XML processing frameworks available in java platform... St Ax Reader/Writer: This works with a datastream oriented interface.The program asks for the next element when it's ready just like a cursor/iterator. Read document: JAXB: The newest implementation to read XML documents: Is part of Java 6 in v2.SAX is pretty easy to use too and just stay away from DOM if you don't have a really good reason to use it - old, clunky API in my opinion.I don't think there are any modern 3rd party libraries that feature anything especially useful that's missing from the stl and the standard libraries have the usual advantages of being extremely well tested, documented and stable.This allows us to serialize java objects from a document.You read the document with a class that implements a interface to bind.

The only possible reason to use DOM is because it's perceived as a standard and is supplied in the JDK: in all other respects, the others are all superior.

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Actually Java supports 4 methods to parse XML out of the box: DOM Parser/Builder: The whole XML structure is loaded into memory and you can use the well known DOM methods to work with it.

Unmarshaller (you get a class for this from Instance).

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The context has to be initialized with the used classes, but you just have to specify the root classes and don't have to worry about static referenced classes.The W3C Document hierarchy is verbose and hard to use, so both DOM4J and JDOM try to make it easier.

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