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28-Nov-2017 05:13

The story-telling and soundbed endure an unflagging magical quality and Newsom's voice is demonstrably more mature than on , which gathers 18 songs over three discs and incorporates a significantly more personal, emotional element into the writing.

At various points you get a very frank testimonial about the final stages and subsequent end of Newsom's relationship with Bill Callahan and, as wet as it sounds, parts of the album are absolutely heartbreaking.

I even read one article that basically said that comparing Newsom to past singers of any kind is patriarchal, so singular is her approach.

Lord knows, these days more than ever one of the only ways you can get anyone to pay attention to you is to pivot to extremes.

Unfortunately, this leads to plenty of otherwise very smart people like Robert Christgau panning Newsom’s second album because she was starting to make stuff that sounded like classical music, and those critics don’t know anything about classical music.

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Much as I respect her, it’s depressingly appropriate that Newsom now collaborates with Paul Thomas Anderson, cinema’s number one auteur for people easily distracted by pompous flourishes from the fact that there isn’t a single intelligent idea to be found.

These are our choices for the essential songs from Newsom's discography to date.

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