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25-Sep-2017 07:07

In fact, the presence of a substance abuse problem is not even a classification factor when it comes to identifying someone with this type of disorder.

Someone who has an addictive personality disorder is someone who has difficulty managing the stress in their lives and rather than coping with stressors in a “normal” way, they turn to behaviors that are often destructive in nature to help to release the stress that they are feeling.

Many times individuals with addictive personality disorder who get sucked in to a gambling habit find themselves losing everything they own, including their house and car.

Where many drug addicts get their high in terms of a physical process when their drug of choice takes effect, gamblers get their “high” in a number of ways.

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The truth of the matter is, however, that many individuals turn to sex as a method for stress release, but in individuals with addictive personality disorder, this engagement in sexual behavior often becomes dangerous.

Addictive behaviors are wide-ranging and incorporate a significant number of actions which are not always easily identified by family members as being “problem behaviors.”Since it is the addictive behavior that comes to mind most when considering addictive behavior, we will cover drug abuse first.

Drug abuse is one of the most recognized types of addictive behavior because it is one of the most destructive in terms of its impact on the user as well as the family of the user.

Being able to identify addictive behaviors is an important part of being able to help a loved one who appears to have an addictive personality disorder.

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As mentioned above, many people often believe that addictive behaviors are limited to extreme drug abuse; however, this is simply not true.

Individuals who turn to shopping as a form of addictive behavior feel an incredible sense of release of stress when they make their purchases; however, soon, these purchases begin to pile up as does the level of debt and it doesn’t take long before both of these things become incredibly overwhelming.