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13-Sep-2017 08:59

I went in and read for the part and I think they liked me, but I kind of got the feeling they wanted a blonde for the role. When my manager called to tell me I’d gotten it, he was like, “But they want to do something even more drastic with your hair.” Hence the shorter ‘do and the bangs.But they called me back for a chemistry read with Shay Mitchell and it was amazing. Anyway, the three-episode arc turned into a six-episode arc, and it was like a fairy tale the whole way through.Speaking of her career, she is most known for the portrayal of a lesbian character in the successful series “Pretty Little Liars” where she plays ‘Paige’ who is madly in love with Emily played by Shay Mitchel.In an interview back in 2011, Lindsey discussed her role as Paige on the very series and elaborated how she landed the role.

I got back from my summer, and I was like, “I really just need to cut this off.” I actually cut 10 inches off my hair.In 2012 Peck played Prince Maxon for the pilot adaptation of popular book The Selection, but was later replaced by newcomer Michael Malarkey.