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'I have heard reports online of people saying they had to hold on to the walls inside their houses to avoid being pulled out of by the pressure inside the hurricane.'The winds are so strong and there is such extreme low pressure that houses can implode.

I just don't think the world has seen a hurricane like this before.

She said: ‘We still haven’t had any official statement.

We have heard criticism about the British over Anguilla and praise for the French because they sent in their Army before the hurricane.‘But we’ve heard nothing from Antigua about Barbuda. Hopefully it will have stood up to the hurricane‘There was a child killed, but every single adult on the island survived.’Mrs Frank said she was delighted that an appeal fund for Barbuda launched by her sister Ruth Bolton had so far raised more than £15,000.

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'Who knows how strong it will have turned out to be? I trust the builder, but this hurricane has been so devastating.'The Barbudans build quite strong houses because they own all the land in common together.'The girls are very resilient. It is not as if they are on holiday and do not know what to do, but I think the experience will have been extremely traumatic for them.'I am hopeful they are OK, but none of us can estimate the experience of being in a hurricane like this.'Mrs Frank said her daughters had grown up in the UK, attending school in Thurston, Suffolk, before returning to live on Barbuda several years ago.

She had been booked on a flight next week as the hospital on Barbuda is not recommended for first time mothers giving birth But Mrs Frank said: ‘All the flights might be backed up.

She has a ticket but I don’t know if she will get on.

The young women and their father had boarded themselves into their family home on the island which had only just been built.

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Mrs Frank remains concerned about the lack of official information from the Antigua and Barbuda authorities.There are 1,700 people on the island and nobody has been able to communicate to establish what has happened.'We don't know because we haven't heard anything and there has not been an individual head count – but I feel they are OK.'Mrs Frank who has lived for most of the last 25 years on Barbuda said her daughters had previous experience of a hurricane as children when the island was hit by the 140mph winds of Hurricane Luis in 1995.

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