Full house season 6 episode 13 the dating game

11-Nov-2017 20:25

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He comes to her house to work on it and Stephanie finds out that his father physically abuses him, but she is sworn to secrecy.

Meanwhile, Michelle has been calling her funny buddy on the phone without her father's permission after she and Denise were watching a funny joke ad knowing it costs .00 a minute.

In season six, Danny proposes to Vicky as she gladly accepts. Michelle attempts to "kidnap" her best friend, Teddy (Tahj Mowry), when she finds out that he is moving to Texas. Meanwhile, Jesse and Joey debut their radio show Rush Hour Renegades, although Jesse comes down with a cold right before the show. When asked why not, he admits that it would be hypocritical to do so as he dropped out of high school, but their campaign has inspired him to earn his GED.

Jesse and Joey are both fired from their daytime jobs and instead become radio hosts on the show "Rush Hour Renegades," which eventually turns into a success. is a sophomore in high school and gets her first real boyfriend, Steve Hale, who begins his senior year in high school; Stephanie is in fifth grade; Michelle starts first grade. Meanwhile, Vicky gets a new job in Chicago, and Danny is making important decisions on how they will maintain a long-distance relationship. tries to help Kimmy run for student body president. Meanwhile, Michelle tries to learn how to tie her shoes.

Meanwhile, Jesse tries to figure out how to use a computer and Danny and Joey reminisce about an old flame.

Stephanie is paired up with her nemesis Charles on a school project.

Steve gives Michelle a Valentine's Day cookie, which leads to her believing that Steve wants to marry her.

However, after a cute mock ceremony, Michelle discovers it is not the real thing, which upsets her.

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Meanwhile, Nicky and Alex get their first haircut at Joey's Uncle Jasper's (Dave Coulier) barber shop. Stephanie "goes out" with a friend, thinking that it is an actual date.

Meanwhile, Danny tries to spend time with Nicky and Alex because Michelle is growing up.

Joey plans to play in a charity hockey game, but Herschel "Stonewall" Binkley comes back to hassle Joey with a bad memory that Joey would much rather forget.

Meanwhile, Stephanie accidentally gives one of Joey's valuable baseball cards to Steve. The way the family handles it doesn't make him feel any better and he considers leaving. Jesse tries to prove to Becky that they can have another baby, despite their busy lives, and the responsibilities of taking care of Nicky and Alex. and Steve go to the prom, where Steve and his ex-girlfriend are announced as "King" and "Queen" of the prom.

But it turns out to be a disaster when Stephanie and Michelle care for a neighbor's pig, Nicky has a cold, Joey gets rollerblade injuries, and Becky gets a new weekend job. Meanwhile, Danny feels intimidated when he finds out Vicky is older and stronger than him.Jesse lies on an application for the twins to get into an exclusive pre-school, but he has to think fast when the school says that they are interested.

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