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An interest in his collection of paraphernalia wouldn’t hurt: “I’m a sci-fi geek.” What a catch: He knows the importance of the “silly little stuff that girls love,” says Race competitor and ex-girlfriend Emily Hoyt, 22, to whom he presented a copy of , one of her favorite movies.

TOBEY Maguire ACTOR Age: 26 Height: 5’8″ Status: Never married Residence: Los Angeles Education: Received a high school equivalency diploma The scoop: Best known as the doe-eyed teen in films like , smashing box office records.

boat and lived like kings for 10 days,” recalls Sommers, who delivered a Valentine’s Day concert mid-voyage.

The ideal woman: “For some reason I always go toward brown hair and brown eyes,” he says.

In his own words: “I had never read a comic book before I was cast in this film,” says Maguire, who left school in ninth grade to act.

“But I’m sure I fantasized about having special powers like flying or being invisible.” The ideal woman: “It’s hard to predict what I want in a partner,” Maguire told director Sam Raimi.

I’m a little shy.” The ideal woman: Despite steamy kissing scenes with tennis ace Anna Kournikova in the “Escape” video, the teen idol insists the two are “just friends.” In fact, he claims, he hasn’t had a girlfriend in six years.

“In my career position it’s hard to find someone you can really trust,” he says.

When he’s not practicing or performing (some 50 shows a year in the U. and abroad), he checks in at Koi, the sushi restaurant he co-owns in L. In his own words: “I definitely have a talent for having a good time,” says Sommers, who took one lucky girlfriend on the date of a lifetime: “I told her to take time off, and we flew first-class to Thailand, where we went on my friend’s 200-ft.

Grâce aux clubs de course et aux groupes d’entraînement vous aurez l’opportunité de vous entraîner et de rencontrer d’autres amateurs de Running.

ESAI Morales ACTOR Age: 39 Height: 5’10” Status: Never Married Residence: A ranch-style house in the Hollywood Hills Education: Attended Manhattan’s High School for the Performing Arts The scoop: Fifteen years ago Esai (pronounced “E-sigh”) Morales rocked audiences as Ritchie Valens’s troubled older brother in creator Steven Bochco put out an all points bulletin for a new police lieutenant.

Status: Never married Residence: Los Angeles Education: Attended high school in Pontoise, France The scoop: The French-born actor, who first attracted attention as Drew Barrymore‘s high school teacher in . I’m a good old Yankee.” In his own words: “I love hockey more than anything,” says Vartan, who hits the ice for pickup games two or three times a: week. 1 quality I look for is being friendly,” says Vartan, who ended a 10-year relationship with actress Shannon Gleason three years ago. In his own words: When it comes to racing, he says, “part of me has to have that risk and that danger and that element of not knowing.

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Apart from sports, “my secret favorite thing on earth is ketchup. “She’s got to have a sweet demeanor.” Adds his costar Jennifer Garner: “I know she’ll be grounded and unimpressed with the Hollywood side of his life.” What a catch: “He’s smart, funny and handsome,” says Garner. That sets me aside from most men.” The ideal woman: “She has to be real tough and career-oriented, but I also want her to be with me and want to be at the races.

Status: Never married Residence: West Hollywood Education: Law degree from Regent University In his own words: “The dating scene can be tough,” says Swain, who invested most of his winnings and is pursuing an acting career.