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02-Jan-2018 06:03

Last November, longtime indie promoter Paul Thornton joined forces with Nederlander Concerts to form Paragon Presents and announced the creation of the Statesman Skyline Theater at the Long Center, a non-permanent outdoor venue developed at Austin’s iconic Long Center for the Performing Arts.Months later, Paragon signed upscale nightclub The Belmont and has been booking shows at venues across the state. We’ve had great survey results from the fans, people really love the setting.

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We just had Heart Byrne in there for a Halloween party show, we’ve done Whiskey Myers, Los Van Van, Benjamin Clementine, Eric Hutchinson and Matt Wertz.

We can’t do a Skyline show outdoors if there’s an indoor show going on.

There were no less than 10 shows last year, really good shows that wanted to play the venue at Skyline that we would have loved to have had, but we just didn’t have the dates available. Why can’t you have events on the same day as the Long Center?

It’s a naming rights deal, it’s also a marketing deal and a really neat aspect of what we’re doing with them is an incredible new video online streaming format set up in the studio in the Statesman.

It’s only two blocks from our venue, so we’re able to take artists in there and tape Austin360 Sessions.

We’re an independent and they’re the big corporate, publicly-held company. It’s a fun challenge and I think if you build your fanbase and treat the artists right, then you have something to offer the artist and I believe one of our strong suits has always been our ability to effectively market the artists.