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Use our search feature to meet strangers around the world.You can search by location, gender, age range and if their currently online or not.Videos will only be shared with registered members.for every Theme, were you be interested, klick on the Folder 4.Video files will be uploaded on Rapidshare and the password you used will be the password for unzipping the file 5.Before sending/sharing a video, please check in the Database if there are no duplicates, someone might have already posted the same video taken on the same session Info: C4-Info Blog ( The Main Blog from the Cam4 Clubs ) C4B-19 ( Boys till 19yo ) C4B-24 ( Boys till 24yo ) C4Studs ( Studs till 28/30 ) C4DS ( Dad and Sons ) Stickam ( Stickam Boys ) MB ( Matrix Boys - all other Boys- all Age ) BC ( Boys Club - Boys around 18 ) sharing by ...means if you used a Yahoo Messenger or Rapidshare or Hotfile or Skype ...Most free private chat rooms providers require a screenname or account, available free by visiting their websites.Buddy Chat was once a feature of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) that let users chat with more than one person in either a pre-existing or user-created chatrooms.

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Se ricercate invece un dialogo aperto con tutti a prescindere se il vostro interlocutore è uomo o donna, sarete sempre i benvenuti.

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