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14-Sep-2017 09:15

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And once you decide on one tool instead of another that does something very similar, don’t speak as if you made the People are interesting.We know so little about ourselves compared to what we’d like to think we know.Mark Zuckerberg famously said that betting on HTML5 was one of their worst mistakes and that the new native app was better, faster, stronger. But I think it is wrong to attribute a vast majority of these improvements to the fact they were now “native,” but instead to the fact that they were .

It’s much more in line with the type of discourse we a good rewrite, and I’m constantly trying new tools.

A Facebook “rewrite” of sorts to match the new native Facebook app.

They made a nice video about how they were able to make a faster/snappier/cooler app than the new native one, all in HTML5 (with Sencha’s tooling, obviously).

I don’t necessarily think Facebook should have switched to the Sencha platform or anything along those lines, but it is a good example of people blaming their tools for causing their old problems, and thanking their new tools for solving them.

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To Facebook’s credit, @tobie eventually put out a list of things he’d wish the web would fix with things that had actively been a problem for them when building those old web-based apps.If you weren’t familiar, their old, not-so-great app was written as an HTML5 web app in a native wrapper.

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