Sccm central site not updating

17-Jan-2018 04:42

He looked in the registry and set the logging verbosity to 2 which gives expanded logging.

Restarting the SMS Executive service makes this additional logging take effect.

Using this as mu guide I went to each site and removed, then reinstalled CU3. When that was complete I looked around in the console to see if the collections were updating properly and saw that database replication was broken, one link was degraded and the other two had failed.

So I sent an email to the TAM requesting that the old case be reopened.

Some of the other queries he used were: On the CAS he executed the following queries to reset the DRS Replication initialization: SELECT * FROM RCM_Drs Initialization Tracking WHERE Replication Group = ‘Configuration Data’ and Site Requesting = ‘ The GUID used was determined from the output of the stored procedure he used first, spdiagdrs and was set to the value corresponding to the primary site we were working on.

About 10 seconds after this command was executed, log files started becoming active again.

So we waited a couple of hours between site installations.

We reinstalled CU3 on all sites, again waiting for a period between sites.

Today there was a question about whether CU3 had been installed properly so I located a blog post from the Microsoft Configuration Manager Support Team referencing “Reinstalling Cumulative Updates in Configuration Manager” ( and read through it.Last step was to reset the replication data using the query above.Once the replication initialized, ran and completed, it was successful.This gave us the complete set of instructions about this table’s design which he copied to the clipboard.

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Going over to a query session for the CAS Database he pasted this text into a new query to create the table.

Now in case you didn’t know, SCCM 2012 uses the SQL Server Service Broker to replicate database information around the hierarchy.