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There are five types of role playing: Non-literate, Semi-literate, Literate, Advanced and Elite.

Read more about the types under Practices Before you jump in, you might want to read more about different genres.

Some Elitist games have pre-written characters, in that case it is needed to act the way the character would act. In many cases there is no specific Realm, but when there is, one should learn it before playing.

Information about the realm (or the world) usually contains info whether magic exists, what kind of dangers there are and such details to help immersion.

But the rule of thumb is "Listen to how other's play and follow example" are few, here some (not exhaustive) It is, in any case your responsibility to let others know, if some things go beyond your borders.

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Immersion 'games' have no set goal, and there is no way to 'win the game', the point is to live out as the character and experience things and make connections.IC In Character, person speaks as the character or acts as the character OOC Out of Character, person speaks as him/herself OOR Out of Realm something does not fit the given setting, like a futuristic Ray-Gun in a periodical medieval village...