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L.182-2009, SECTION 20.(18) The following statutes requiring the approval of the budget agency for repairs to state buildings: P. L.182-2009, SECTION 21.(19) The following statutes concerning the interpretation of statutory annual or continuing appropriations: P. Section 2 of this chapter does not repeal either P. L.250-1997, SECTION 1 (the latter statute amending the former statute) (concerning conveyance of real estate to the University of Evansville).(1) The following statutes defining terms in the state budgets: P. L.182-2009, SECTION 1.(2) The following statutes stating the general appropriation language for budget bills: P. L.30-1996, SECTION 8 (the latter statute amending the former statute); P. L.182-2009, SECTION 8.(9) The following statutes relating to appropriations for education, including higher education: P. L.182-2009, SECTION 14.(12) The following statutes setting per diem rates for members of boards and commissions: P. L.182-2009, SECTION 15.(13) The following statutes providing that payment for personal services may not be made unless approved by the budget agency: P.

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L.182-2009, SECTION 17.(15) The following statutes relating to the deposit of money received as a result of casualty losses to the state: P. L.182-2009, SECTION 30.(28) The following statutes making construction appropriations: P. L.182-2009, SECTION 31.(29) The following statutes authorizing the budget agency to employ architects: P. L.182-2009, SECTION 18.(16) The following statutes relating to the disposition of excess state computer equipment: P.

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L.182-2009, SECTION 19.(17) The following statutes relating to the use of excess commodities produced at state institutions: P. L.182-2009, SECTION 26.(24) The following statutes requiring allotment of federal funds received by the state: P.