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Plane was deleted from the order to be shipped to England and was converted to a transport aircraft, acring as prototype for C-87. Aircraft of the same serial numbers were eventually delivered to USAAF as B-24D (MSN 7/26) 2349 2350 to RAF as FK214. 2353 (cn 19/CO 11) Delivered to USAAF, assigned to 18BS 34BG at Geiger Field, Spokane, WA. Damaged beyond repair at Ringway, UK Mar 7, 1943 when overshot runway during landing. 1125 to RFC at Altus, OK Jul 30, 1945 1126 to RAF as FK2. 1128 allocated to RAF, but crashed enroute to modification center. To CL-26 at Herbert-Smart Airport, Macon, GA Mar 28, 1942 1129 to RAF as FK2.

Shot down in error over English Channel near Plymouth, England Feb 15, 1942. Some databases have G-AGDR being AM219 instead, but this appears to be in error. Prior to delivery to England, was involved in a landing accident, the damage being major enough that the aircraft had to be returned to San Diego for repaires. Engine caught fire and crashed on approach to Dorval and crashed, Simone, Quebec Apr 9, 1945. 1119 to RAF May 1942 but crashed at sea en route to UK, no RAF serial allocated. Overshot landing at Cluntoe Jul 5, 1944 and ran into ditch. Relegated to instructional airframe 4816M Mar 1944. Relegated to instructional airframe 4817M Jun 14, 1944.

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