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With this view, it has been the care of the Editor, besides the information received from the spot, to collect his materials from every quarter which could possibly afford him any information: for this purpose, neither the labours of the missionary, the journals of the navigator, native or foreigner, nor the public documents relative to the colony, have been neglected.

The merit of the arrangement and the execution of the task he must submit to the candour of his readers to decide upon.

Hunter surveys the harbour ————— meets many natives The Governor wishes to be friendly with the natives Two natives visit the settlement The little attention paid to orders Some natives resist a crew's landing —————– run away with tools —————– fired at by some sailors —————————— M.

de la Perouse Good understanding with the natives broken Several couples married The attention paid to divine service [2nd Edition: later advantages to the colony] The colony suffers by much rain The Governor takes an excursion The weather becomes bad Dreadful sick list Barracks began The French leave Botany Bay ————– previously bury the Abbe L.

de la Perouse enters Botany Bay The English leave Botany Bay Governor Phillip arrives at Port Jackson Governor's guard encamped Some convicts landed The flagstaff erected The Sirius arrives from Botany Bay Convicts and troops landed Confusion in consequence House for the Governor erected Women disembarked Several die of the scurvy Live-stock landed Ground cleared for a garden His Majesty's commission opened Extention of territory Letters Patent read Governor addresses the convicts A muster of the convicts Several missing Overseers wanted Thefts discovered Criminal court assembled Several tried and punished Bad effects of mercy A criminal hung Others banished An executioner obtained Criminal Court, and its power Civil Court and its power Justices of the Peace Other powers of the Governor ———————— Lieut.

Governor ———————— Judge-Advocate Allowance of provisions Store-houses began Idleness of convicts Several escape from Botany Bay The conduct of M.

Thoughts on the importance of tracing the origin of History Novelty of the undertaking Why the Author was calculated to perform the undertaking His consolation for the task Contrition for the past, and hope for the future [2nd Edition: Comparison between New South Wales, and America Situation of the Island Partly discovered by the Dutch in 16l6 More discovered in l6l8 Again visited in 1619 Visited by Dampier ——— by Cook Botany Bay, why so called How made Method of procuring food ———— climbing trees Description of their features —————– the females Ungent universally used Children taught to use it Ornaments for the hair Paint for the face and body Sears deemed ornamental Holes bored in the noses of the natives Mutilation sustained by females How effected Privation suffered by the men The operation performed by the Cam-mer-ray tribe Form of the Yoo-lahng The ceremony began Miserable situation of the sufferers A mystic deception The operators imitate dogs The motive The presentation of a grass kangaroo Its supposed power The operators imitate the kangaroo ————— imitate thunder Its supposed effect The operators shew the use of the spear The mystic bone Method of extracting the tooth ———— healing the gum The honour of fortitude Reward for suffering A good quality in the natives A comparison Method of fishing Implements for fishing Women fish for the men Canoes Men dive for fish Broil the fish caught Method of catching birds Spirit of retaliation with a dreadful example Method of obtaining fire The men singe their beards Ingenuity of the natives A curious comparison A native learns the effects of boiling water Filthy habits of the natives Justification and satisfaction for murder Colours of the natives Ignorance prone to superstition Priestcraft of the Cam-mer-rays Illness in consequence of superstition A native bled by Mr.

White Superstitious cure for superstition Superstition prevents the natives broiling fish at night ————————————— whistling under a rock Belief in spirits The approach of an apparition Fear the darkness of night Important office gained by the absence of fear Astronomical fears Strangers to fine passions Romantic way to make choice of a wife Brutal way of obtaining one The wife admitted to the husband's tribe The brutal conduct retaliated Subjection of the women Affection strengthened by brutality Ill usage returned by the females Men not confined to one wife Females not devoid of art An anecdote A little modesty True love an interesting anecdote The women concerned in most quarrels Supposed cause The motive for establishing the colony Vessels contracted for to carry convicts, &c. Phillip goes on board the Sirius The Sirius drops down the river ———— joined by some transports ———— sails for Spithead Orders arrive for embarkation Capt.

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Alterations in the government The supposed cause The Hope arrives from Rhode Island Sells her cargo New regulations Hot weather The natives set fire to the country Effects of the fire Mortality of the year The Bellona arrives from England A melancholy accident Remarkable depravity Ground marked out for the settlers Liberty Plains, why so called Officers allowed ground ——————— convicts The Bellona sails ————— previously smoked Four convicts found on board Room wanted for the stores Shah Hormuzear arrives Two Spanish ships arrive An observatory built The Kitty arrives from Norfolk Island Intelligence from the Governor The Shah Hormuzear sails for Bengal The Chesterfield sails The Dædalus arrives Capt.

on fire The powder removed The Reliance returns A bad harvest Spirits still vended Robberies The Supply sails Bennillong and Cole-be's wife ————– wounded Licences granted to sell spirits The Supply returns —– Susan arrives —– Indispensable ditto Four tried for forgery Five for stealing The Britannia arrives An attempt to recruit the Bengal army Several robberies A runaway secured A hut pulled down Crops pledged An inquiry The reward of exertions A robbery Contrition An excursion A range of mountains The Governor again visits the wild cattle Coal brought from Port Stephens A court-house erected A timber carriage A seaman shot Another man shot Murderers taken Regulations for the settlers, &c.